Project195 is an eco/ humanitarian charity(501c3) based out of the United States, with members on four continents. Project195 educates the public on sustainablility in the public and private sector in regards to energy conservation as well as performs humanitarian relief around the United States. We aid all those who need our assistance, volunteering to help someone or someplace. We make volunteering easy, fun and affordable as possible.

Project195 is a fully recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States.  Project195 is here to help educate, and aid all those who share our goals, as well as to spearhead projects that will reduce the damage that this and future generations will face at home and across the United States.

Our Mission:

To  initiate programs designed to help all 195 countries recognized by the United Nations by putting them into action here first in the United States of America. To promote and instruct so that all nations can do their part in stemming, abating, and reversing tragic events affecting the Earth and the those we share it with.

What We Do and Plan To Do:

Over the past four years we have organized and led several community clean ups, held public forums on water conservation, filmed a television show about green tips around the home, and have assisted thousands to  Joplin Missouri, Tuscaloosa Alabama and New Orleans Louisiana  to assist in the restoration, and have helped rebuild many families homes and one church to date. We have created a revolutionary sustainable model,”Joplin House” which has housed volunteers from across the country since August, 2011.

Although we have suspended our plan to begin international missions while we have our hands full here at home, we still recognize the suffering of so many around the world. To help those here in America, we are collecting clothes, furniture, toys, books, and computers in good condition. We are also collecting monetary donations to help fund our ongoing work rebuilding  in areas of the United States affected by natural disaster.

Please spend some time with us and gain a better understanding of what we do. For more information on Project195 please feel free to contact us and please consider becoming a sponsor or volunteer.

Thanks for visiting and we hope that you come back often as update quite frequently.

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