Short Summary

Project195, a 501c3 non profit charity,was born in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Frustrated by the inability to give “hands -on” help without spending thousands of dollars, and jumping through a seemingly endless amount of hoops set by “big charity” organizations and the government.We decided to search for a better way. We couldn’t find any, so we made one.

Over the past five years we have worked tirelessly to not only get volunteers involved, but to make it easy and affordable. In doing so, we have supplies America with milions of free man hours, restoring what was lost to natural disasters.

Joplin House and Joplin House II, our volunteer only hostels in Joplin Missouri, have been an incredible boon to the city, and volunteers alike. It is our mission to create five more such volunteer hostels in Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Contributors to this campaign will be bringing hope to hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans. Saving millions of dollars not only to the cities affected, but to those volunteers who find time in their busy lives to stop and help their fellow man.

What We Need & What You Get

Your donation today will go directly to the mission of permanent volunteer houses strategically located through the country to give the most help possible. You have already done more than most by caring enough about your neighbor to consider helping. Now it is time to take the next step, be a part of something entirely altruistic and CREATE something that will benefit so many others.

Our gratitude for you making this dream a reality is without measure, however we would like to shows tokens of our appreciation to all of our contributors. There are some very special perks involved with this project. We feel it necessary to express not only our gratitude to you, but to show others what compassion towards your fellow man looks like.

Cutomized T-shirts designed by our staff of volunteers specifically for this campaign, Personalized paving stones with your name or organization to honor your donation in perpetuity, and other gifts upon your donation detailed in the side bar on the right.

The amount 60,000, is to set up five volunteer hostels for one year, fully outfitted to house people helping Americans get their lives back and their homes rebuilt. At 12,000 per furnished house it is a very modest goal we endeavor to obtain.

The June 1st deadline is an important one as we would need to have these houses set up and in place before the schools let out for the summer. If we do not reach our full goal, we will do our best with what we have. Our success in Joplin, and the need for us across America demands it. The children and families displaced by natural disaster deserve it.

The Impact

You are doing more than helping a non profit, and receiving a tax deduction. You are helping generations discover civic duty, fighting homelessness which affects 1 in 45 American children, and giving hope which is so desperately needed to those lost and forgotten communities left to pick up the pieces. Finally, you or your organization will have made a concrete and tangible difference that you can see and visit!

We mentioned before about our success in Joplin, Missouri. We have housed several hundred volunteers since August 2011. We have saved them countless thousands while providing tens of thousands volunteer man hours. Saving the city of Joplin, and the State of Missouri millions of dollars!

We have opened a second hostel in Joplin to keep up with the demand!
Project195 essentially volunteers for volunteers, and helps those helping any way we can. We provide work assignments, transportation assistance, and even wifi and meals!

Other Ways You Can Help

Like we relate to all of our growing family of volunteers when we first speak to them, there is no minimum or maximum of help you can provide. Whether you can donate a small or large amount, please consider helping us by doing as many of the below list as you’re able. Thank you.

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Connect us with your school or university

Host a private event as a fundraiser and help promote this noble cause.

In lieu of gifts for your next celebration ask those close to you to donate in your name

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I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. ~William Penn

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