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house destroyed in Joplin, MO

house destroyed in Joplin, MO

Nearly two years ago Joplin, Missouri and the nation were  horrified by the awesome destructive power of mother nature. An F-6 tornado descended on this peaceful city in southwestern Missouri

obliterating every structure in it’s path, and taking the lives of young and old. The city, torn and battered showed a resilience and strength that inspired the world. We sprang into action for Joplin that very night news reports began showing the devastation, wondering aloud if there was enough of Joplin to save, much less rebuild. Collecting and distributing tons of aid to Joplin’s residents, and beginning the process of coordination between local government and N.G.O. agencies and volunteers.

Nearly two years later we are still working on restoring Joplin, Missouri. Project195, is still  the only national charity working  throughout the year in Joplin. We have housed thousands of volunteers at Joplin House I&II, and have logged hundreds of thousands volunteer hours, saving the city of Joplin and it’s residents millions of dollars! There is still so much work still to be done, and we are so very honored to continue to be a vital resource to not only Joplin, but to the volunteers from across the United States and abroad who continue to come to help us do so. Thank you!